Geopolitical situation of China in the context of India:

In the game of chess to put ourself in winning position, sometimes we have to show our intention towards the other members of play rather than the king, but the real intention should always be towards the King and at the right time you can give check and mate.

The china is now showing the interest and tension at Indian border because he wants to unite it's public which is now dispersed and angry with it's communist government. The peoples republic of china is now afraid of 140 crore peoples because at some extent they know if the people of china gone beyond the chinese policies and do protest against their government, the government will not able to contain it and may be the historical event of china like TIANANMEN SQUARE MASSACRE has to be repeated, because they are communist. And we all know that a war can unit all the peoples of that perticular country even they suffered from any man made worst situation like today's corona crisis.

At last i want to attract your minds towards the situation of 1962 INDO-CHINA WAR. The same relatable situation occurs at that time in china. Chinese people suffered from a famine situation at that time and then his paramount leader MAO ZEDONG suddenly starts war against INDIA and he got success to put soil on the unsuccessful attempt of fullfill the stomach of chinese public.